Do I have to do push-UPS?


If you ask a professional athlete to demonstrate to you that push-UPS are necessary, then of course you will receive a definitive "No". In my opinion, such an instruction is superfluous and completely contradicts the basic principles of physical fitness. First of all, the mechanism of resistance training is completely different. In the process of progress, you build up your resistance, even get faster in training, if you do not do the exercises explicitly designed to train resistance, then it will decrease quite significantly. For example, the exercise of holding your knees in the air can have a huge effect on the training of the oblique abdominal muscles. Secondly, the effects of a strict approach on the body are not for nothing to speak precisely of their opposite number. They contribute to the development of some diseases and are not suitable for everyone. A strict approach to training, in my opinion, is not for nothing forces your body to save energy, by training the main muscle groups, you reduce your risk. exercises and their associated loads. And of course the most important thing is not to overdo it!