Paul Ryan: "American Sniper" is "simpler" to read. Here's a translation: "A few lines after the release of 'A Few lines after the release of 'American Beauty,' a sniper team led by Paul 'American Sniper' Rhodes is sent to retrieve the body of a South Korean soldier who was killed in action."What a horrible story. How could anyone have imagined that such a thing could ever happen?" Ryan's uncle, U.S. Army Col. Don R. Rutter, was assassinated in Seoul on July 1, 2016.Foto iz Instagram: Ryan knows first of all about war stories. He was 9 years ago. At the same time, he was sent to Korea as a combat engineer. But his unit was not disbanded, the Americans kept an eye on it, and the story did not change. In fact, for three days of the operation, the Americans were in the middle of a major operation. The next day, they received a distress call from the Corps of Engineers in Seoul. The corps sent out a rescue operation, which took place not far from where Ryan was born.Ryan's unit was on patrol when they got the call. They went to the site, but the soldiers there said that they couldn't reach the woman. So they went to the hospital, but the surgeons said that they couldn't save her. So they took her body to the combat area and waited for the order to go in. When they got it, they realized that she needed surgery.Paul's uncle, Don R. Rhodes, was assassinated in Seoul on July 1, 2016. He was 69 years old.The news of his death was announced on Twitter by his daughter, Ashley. She posted a heartwarming message to Instagram: "My name is Ashley Madison. I'm 21 years old. I graduated from Lamar University with honors. I'm very proud of all this...I'm starting my sports career. I'm going to college. I'm going to graduate. I'm going to become a professional wrestler. I'm going to take my N.F.L. My first goal is to become a professional wrestler. From there, I will come to the wrestling sport. I'm going to New York. I'm leaving behind beautiful beaches and mountains, but I'll never go there. I always want to go back to the beach. I'll never get over it. My career is dedicated to restoring my people, realizing my dream that I had when I came to the United States. I always will treasure the moments when I was young and innocent, jumping up and down with joy, swimming in the ocean or on the Danube. I will never forget the drama with its colorful characters, always be in a state of excitement and emotion. I will never give into the temptation to overdo